Somsana's terms and conditions: your online store


It is imperative that you place your order through our automated online sales system. We do not accept orders by phone, fax or email. Orders will be processed within a maximum of 15 business days.


The payment of your order must be made by bank card, bank transfer or PayPal. Your card number is not given to us. It is only transmitted by encryption to the bank that directly insures the transaction.


Read all the conditions on the dedicated page.


In the event of the unavailability of one or more items, we guarantee that your entire order will be delivered within a maximum of 35 days. In the event of a longer delay, you will be notified by email of the unavailability of the items and their expected delivery date. At your request, we will be able to make a partial delivery. In this case, the remainder will be cancelled and will have to be reordered.


All our prices are shown TTC. If taxes were to change, this change would be passed on to selling prices. In the majority of cases, there is a price difference between child-size and adult models.