SOMSANA offers a full range of dance bars for dance teachers or individuals, we offer professional removable dance bars at prices defying all competition.

We have developed a whole Somsana range for you: singlebars, doublebars, parallel double bars and also portable bars and adjustable height bars! Very easy touse, they can be installed in minutes and easily!

Our transportable and adjustable dance bars serve as well:

- For dance teachers (and their students!) who choose to invest in a removable classical dance bar for all their dance classes.

- The dancers themselves, at home. Once the training is over, just put away the dance bar!

Our removable classical dance bars are really ideal and what's more is at a very attractiveprice. But we are aware that this purchase is an investment that is not done lightly. Also, don't hesitate to contact us for further information or
if you want to equip your dance hall:




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Somsana Dance Bar 1m36
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Somsana Dance Bar 1m36
In Stock Immediate Departure Ideal bar for the home with round feet It is both easy to move and will...
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